About Reyes Digital Media.

What we do?

We can design you a new, responsive and modern website. We can manage your social media and give it a consistent look across all channels. We can handle your email marketing campaigns and keep you in your customer’s eye. We will get you noticed and help you create dialog with your fans!

 How we do it!

Although we would like to say our digital gnomes magically handle all the work, actually, we humans make it happen. With cooperative planning and strategy sessions with you, our client, we will create your entire digital universe.

Why we do it.

Your most valuable resource is time.  With our help, your time can be spent on growing your business, helping your clients and developing new ides.  Digital Marketing, if done right, is a full time job. You have a full time job, and we have the time to devote to your Digital Marketing! Gnomes included!




active fans





Who we are?

We’re a Digital Creative Agency

We’re a principal-driven studio. That means you work directly with me and that’s the way I like it. Graphic design is my background, and that ensures everything we do has a strong, graphic presence. Reyes Digital Media has in-house photography, motion graphic creation and design and web design, but we also have relationships with some of the best photographers, digital film studios and back-end coders in California. Quite simply, if it needs to be the very best – Reyes Digital Media is the answer.

Our Skills

Graphic Design


Web Design




Motion Graphics


What we do.

Beautiful Web Design

Responsive, Functional and Easy to Use

Email Marketing

Email campaigns that get results

Social Media Management

Keeping your customers engaged.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Coordinated digital effort for stronger results.

Digital Graphic Design

Look stunning on all devices.

Brand Continuity

Traditional print to support your digital brand.

Some of our top Clients.


A few examples of completed Projects.

Be informed first about our News.

Wine is not a book, but it may be judged that way!

Wine is not a book, but it may be judged that way!

How does Mr. Winebuyer decide to buy a bottle of wine he cannot taste, smell or even see?

The saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Those words of wisdom once carried more weight when books were purchased off the shelf of a bookstore lined with thousands of covers. You most likely bought a book that came with some kind of recommendation, like the New York Times best seller list. After all, that is really all you had to go on, and the word from a few friends who read as much as you did. Today, however, most of us download a book to our device, and […]

Are you Ready for the Holidays?

Are you Ready for the Holidays?

I am sure it is safe to say that if you own a tasting room or a retail storefront, you are all ready for the holidays! In fact, if you weren’t, you probably would not still be in business! Most holiday shoppers are getting ready for Thanksgiving and some power shopping immediately after Thanksgiving on Black Friday! […]

Toogood Winery Pink Campaign Launched

Toogood Winery Pink Campaign Launched

Toogood Estate Winery is one of those wineries who always has something going on.  This month’s new release is truly something spectacular in more ways than one!


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