Old, but not forgotten

I love old trucks, and El Dorado County seems to have a good amount of old trucks hidden among the golden foothills, the rustic barns and the dark hollows of the forests.
When I am out and about visiting clients or just driving around enjoying the day, I always have my camera with me.  Over the years I have logged the locations of some of these old fellas, even if I have not made a picture of them yet, knowing that someday the mood will strike me and I will get the shot.  As it happened on this day, I was passing by this old guy and his importance at the moment struck me – so I stopped.  You see it was shortly before Memorial Day and his faded stars and stripes seemed to have more meaning to me at that moment than usual.  His unwavering strength as he sat sentry beneath the oak tree, day in and day out, year after year, reminded me of our troops who do the same thing, but in way less serene locations!  His age has become a part of his beauty and strength, and his colors a part of his character.  For me, his purpose is clear. He there to remind us to never forget those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of those colors he wears so proudly; faded and scraped as they are.