PromoRepublic Review

It is important for me to be transparent in all I do. I would love to be able to close every deal and be the “go to” resource for all my prospects and handle all their social media and digital marketing needs, but the truth is, not everyone needs my services. They may just need some guidance, or need some tools to help them achieve their goals.  I am constantly looking for time-saving apps and tools that everyday businesses can use to save them time while leading them towards their digital marketing goals.  Of course, maintaining a professional, branded look across all channels is an important factor in the resources I use and recommend.  If I would not use it, I would not recommend it, and I do have a subscription to PromoRepublic to help manage my social media campaigns!  Now, in the interest of transparency, I will also disclose that I liked the platform so much, not only did I subscribe, but I also signed up to be an affiliate, and help spread the word about this useful, easy to use app to help you stay on top of your social media content creation.

What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is an online, cloud based social media content creator and scheduling service that is well organized and easy to use.  It can be used for up to 5 social media channels on their “Start” subscription level and 15 channels on their “Pro” subscription plan.  It has an easy to use Calendar interface, allowing you to see daily content ideas such as trending topics, special celebration days, important historical milestones, notable birthdays to name a few.  All you do is choose something to post, customize it as needed, and either post right away or schedule it! It also has an easy to use Editor interface allowing you to customize images in the PromoRepublic library, or import your own to customize.  There is even a nice little Stats dashboard for quick comparisons of your posts.

Calendar Feature

The Calendar is a great tool for finding content to post.  As a time-saver, all you hava to do is set aside an hour or two at the end of the month, and just schedule content for the entire next month.  The daily ideas allows you to fill each day with unique content that is engaging and interesting.  As a tool to keep your brand in front of your fans, it is invaluable.  You will still need to sprinkle in content that tells your story, and features your products, but for original content PromoRepublic really comes through!  You may be asking “well what if my content is duplicated by someone else?”  The chances of that happening are very slim, considering each social media channel is a unique audience, and the fact that this tool is geared towards small business and personal use.  Of course should giants like Pepsi and Coke both use this service, the chances of seeing duplicate content would be high, but they don’t need a service like this since they have their own digital media departments! You can rest assured you will be unique to your followers, especially if you choose to use a lot of your own images and content, and just use PromoRepublic to schedule the content.  I was asked what the difference is between a free service like Hootesuite compared to PromoRepublic, since they both allow you to schedule social media campaigns.  All I can say is they are both unique and fill needs for their clients, and I use both!  The main difference is PromoRepublic has a vast library of content, over 6000 post ideas, that you can use and customize,. The Calendar that shows the different post suggestions is also a huge plus in PromoRepublic.

Content Creation and Editing

I am a believer in using rich, beautiful images in your content.  People are drawn to images, so having an interesting, compelling image will naturally get people to click on your content.  With PromoRepublic, you have access to some professionally designed layouts, including background images, layered text and placement for your own logo.  You can also upload your own images into a pre-made template and customize the image yourself, and BOOM!  You are ready to post on your timeline! In my example to the right, you can see an eye-catching image, and the text, which you can edit to say whatever you wish!  Finally, just upload your logo and place it where the little logo icon is and you have branded content ready to post that you created in about a minute!  The easy to use interface offers you all kinds of options from speech bubbles to frames to decorations, all drag and drop!  Once you content is created, you just post or schedule; it is really that easy!

Final Thoughts

If your monthly marketing budget for social media is about $20 a month, PromoRepublic might be a solution for you! It will keep you on track and allow you to organize beautiful, engaging content. As I said in the beginning of this article, I not only subscribe to PromoRepublic but I am also an affiliate, and can offer you a free trial so you can see for yourself the benefits of using an app like this for all your social media needs! Of course, if you just do not want to manage your digital media, Reyes Digital Media can help you, so feel free to reach out and let’s chat!