Are you Ready for the Holidays?

I am sure it is safe to say that if you own a tasting room or a retail storefront, you are all ready for the holidays! In fact, if you weren’t, you probably would not still be in business! Most holiday shoppers are getting ready for Thanksgiving and some power shopping immediately after Thanksgiving on Black Friday! But how many of them would rather be somewhere else on Black Friday, and throughout the hectic shopping period between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Well, give them a reason to be somewhere else using your social media and email campaigns!

Here are a few tips that could enhance your Holiday business strategy.

1. Before thanksgiving, offer a wine special on a wine that pairs with turkey or ham, in fact, make it a two-fer and offer your customers a pre-packed pair of wines for the Holiday table – one white and one red. Be sure to throw in a favorite time-saving recipe, and make sure to let people know it is only available for a limited time. You could offer shipping too, but encourage people to visit your tasting room!
2. Offer your customers a special only available the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. A special “Black Friday” price on a dessert wine, which you happen to be serving with pumpkin pie or Christmas cookies all weekend. Be sure to promote it leading up to the event!
3. Be sure you customers know your tasting room has many gift options available for the holidays, and have your tasting room staff point them out! Pick a different product every day to promote in the tasting room and let people know what it is on your social media! Example, “Did you know we have some amazing dips for your holiday parties? Choose from Garlic Herb, Four Cheese and Artichoke/Jalapeños!” be sure to post a picture on social media!
4. Lots of businesses are looking for last minute places for Holiday parties. If you offer your cellars, caves or tasting rooms out for special events, make sure your customers know yours are available, what’s included and what the fees are! Be sure to show pictures on social media or prior events!
5. Show how much fun you are having!! Don’t forget people come to you as a break in the everyday grind! The Holidays are a magical time and people want to be where other people are having fun! Post pictures of your staff interacting with your customers, people wearing holiday regalia, warm fires and snow covered vines, serve eggnog and hot cocoa to the kids or designated drivers, have live holiday music in your tasting rooms, offer to gift wrap wine, and again, post it all to social media!
Although some people will make a Grinch face at the thought of the Holidays, most of us truly love this special time of year! Be sure to give your customers a reason to make your tasting room and wines a part of their own Holiday traditions and give them a reason to share that feeling with others!