Organic is Great For Veggies; Not So Much For Business On Facebook

If you have a Facebook business page did you know you are only reaching 5% of your fans on average with your organic posts? That means that out of 2000 followers, only about 100 will actually see your post in their feeds! What about the other 1900 followers?  Facebook has been reducing the number of business pages that show up in peoples news feeds. This makes it difficult for the majority of your fans to engage with you, plus getting your page in front of new people is virtually impossible with organic only posts.  So if you are a business owner, leave the organic to the foods you eat, and mix in a little paid advertising to your Facebook campaign. But you already Boost your posts you say?  That is not the answer, and you could be leaving a lot of lettuce on the counter using Boost!

Advertising on Facebook is the answer. If you are a business and you have not yet tried Facebook Advertising,  you are missing out on a great opportunity to drive business to your company!  Facebook Advertising, and advertising on social media in general, is one of the best values for your advertising dollars that exists today!  With a highly targeted ad, you can reach exactly the customers you want to reach, and engage them where they are, and if your ad has a Call To Action, you will be amazed by the results, and every click, view and share is being tracked, so evaluating your advertising efforts is easy!

Back to Boost just for a moment.  If you are “boosting” your posts, that is a good thing, better than just posting and not boosting, however, the Boost option is mostly used by individuals and almost never by actual advertising agencies.  Why?  Because boosting a post does not drive business.  Boosting is great to engage customers, get them to Like your post, Share your post and comment on your post. But if your objectives are more business driven, Facebook Ads is the way to go.  Even for Engagement, Facebook Ads is better than Boosting, but that is a different article!

Still not convinced?  How about this article by writer Larry Kim of the national magazine Inc. “9 Smart Reasons You Need To Be Using Facebook Ads NOW” click link to view full article. Here are his 9 reasons, and they are big!

  • People spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media.
    • The average person spends 1.72 hours a day on social media or online
  • Over 1 billion users served
    • According to Facebook, 1.55 billion people use Facebook every month, 1.39 via mobile devices
  • Facebook organic reach is pretty much dead
    • The truth about Facebook. You need to be using Ads if you want people to discover your business
  • Highly scalable content promotion
    • People share ads, and when they do, your organic reach increases too!
  • Targeting is amazing
    • You can target anyone using Facebook ads, by age, location, behavior, and much more
  • Remarketing = Incredibly powerful
    • Remarketing is THE most powerful way to grow your business. Period.
  • Turn visitors into leads and customers
    • Using the Facebook cookie, you can turn visitors into leads and into customers
  • Call To Action buttons are game changers
    • Unavailable in Boost, the Call to Action button really works, and gives consumers a direct link to action – buy, sign up, register, etc…
  • Tools make managing ads super easy
    • Use a variety of tools to easily manage your Facebook ads, and track results!

If you are still not convinced because you think advertising on Facebook will cost you a lot of money, think again!  For $50, you could reach a potential audience of 5,000 to 10,000 people and be extremely selective on your audience, getting highly detailed on who sees your ad! This is perfect for promoting an event or new product, or new business!

To find out more about how you can utilize the power of Facebook Ads, give us a call, or email Russ to set up a free consultation.  You will really be glad you did!